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Friday, January 16, 2009

This Is My Success Theme for 2009!

The New Year - 2009. Be 1% more active each day in your business. STOP talking about it and COMMIT to a year filled with activity and start getting results.

YOU have to accept this theme for success this year - 2009.

Everybody is guilty of talking about their goals, dreams, and desires. But until you take the steps and take the bull by the horn and take action. That's all it is. JUST TALK!

YOU don't have to get it right, YOU just have to get it get it going!

Words to live by, I do.

For example:
If you have an idea and you don't take any action. It will die! YOU have to make a decision and take action by planning what to do next. That way your idea has a chance of staying alive. Everyday that you take action on your idea, it gets stronger and stronger. You can't give up on your idea at the first sign of misfortune. As long as ativity is going on and you take the appropriate action, you are one step closer to success coming in your life.

Now that I've shared my insight about my success theme. I want to share this information with you from Mike Litman.

And now here's Mike:
In a rut.



I’ve been there. I can still get there if I don’t watch


We all can.

Over the last 8+ years, I’ve met and spoke to thousands of

individuals who wanted to start/grow their business and

improve their lives.

Tens of thousands.

The ones you succeed all have this one thing in common.

The ones who don’t succeed, don’t share this commonality.

“Mike, what is it?

Amigo, hold on one second.

I’ve decided on a success theme for 2009.

You can accept this theme as well.

2009 is all about ACTIVITY.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

Too many people are standing still.

Too much pondering, too little action.

Too much scatterness, too little focus.

Too much talk, too little results.

In 2009, commit to a year filled with activity.

Be 1% more active each day in your business.

Start at 1%.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

When you stand still too long, moving becomes real tough.

Very tough.

Every day, do at least 1 action that moves you forward.

What I love best about a lot of activity, is that I get to

make mistakes and learn what works.

You can do the same.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

2009 is about you being more active then you’ve ever been.

Are you in?

Are you ready to commit to a year filled with activity?

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,


I think that was really great. Now tell me, are you in with me on this.

Give me some feedback and let me know if you are going to accept

this as your theme for 2009.

Here's to your success.

Be a mentor with a servant's heart.

1 comment:

LeoSaraceni said...

Great post, Terri!

We all need to take more action; however, our actions should be very well focused.

You know, only 20% of what we do is what grants us 80% of our results. This year, I'm focusing on the 20%.

Thank you for sharing.

Leo Saraceni