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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do YOU have DOUBTS about being successful?

Doubt is a killer.

ACTION is the remedy!

Here's one I use that my mentor shared with me and I keep it in my mind at all times.

"The Blessings of life can't live in a doubtful mind."

A mind doubtful of success connects with it's friends. The friends I'm talking about are, you know them because I'm sure you've had them before.

The doubting friends are: Fear, worry, anxiety.

A GOAL oriented mind don't have the doubting friends hanging around because all they will do is keep doubt in your mind and you will never have success.



The first thing you should do is start putting the right thoughts of BELIEF, POWER, CONVICTION and WINNING IN YOUR MIND.

Take action and download my FREE ebook so you can experience self respect, self confidence, and success in your life.

We have to overcome doubt by having faith, faith in yourself, faith in your abilities, faith in the path we walk each day and faith in a higher power. With faith, doubt cannot and should not exist!!

A doubtful mind can't receive the blessings of life. Turn your life around and master the circumstances and you will be the "cause" rather than the "effect."

I wrote this so that YOU will take ACTION and get rid of the doubt in your mind.

I started by saying that ACTION is the remedy, no matter how small of a step you make. This is so easy and YOU can do it, if you're still here reading this, then the action you should do now is download my FREE ebook and begin reading it immediately.