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Monday, July 25, 2011

MLM Compensation Plans - What Is The 10K Question?

Some of you may know about this questions, but If I was a betting person I would stand to make a nice fortune on those that don't know what it is. Okay the 10k question is this, when you are looking at a compensation plan this is a questions that you MUST ask yourself when you are crunching the numbers to find out how many active people you need in your network marketing company to make $10,000 a month. This is just an amount that is being used as a basis for your calculations, and it will tell you how much work will be involved in you having the desired income for your business. This amount can be whatever your desired goal is to make in your business. This is residual income for you from your business.

This is a fact that I know to be true, many people don't do the calculation part of it, they just believe the hype of what is being promoted to them. If a company is promoting that you just need to get three people and that's it, you will on easy street. That is not true at all, and you probably will not be in that very long because they won't be around to long either. Without a doubt this is why you must do your DO YOUR HOMEWORK and crunch those numbers of all compensation plans of any network marketing company that you are thinking about getting into.

Doing this one thing first will keep you from making a fatal mistake that will save you from being departed from your money. Your goal is to make money online!

This is just one thing that must be considered. There are FOUR more things that you need to know when looking for a good business opportunity. I will recommend that you check out my FREE e-book and everything that you need to know is in it. This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I stake my reputation on this.

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Teasas Tips said...

I advise people everyday Terri to get to know their compensation plan. Because if you can't explain it, then the people you recruit won't be able to explain it either. Good info.

Cartoon Coach said...

Hey Terri,
This is a very good calculation to make when analyzing a comp plan. The 10 K question...I like that.

Bruce W. Darby said...

What I hate is the new systems that are popping up saying that you can get in and do NOTHING and get paid. What many folks don't realize is that to make a paycheck, you gotta work! The good thing about working for yourself is that the comp plan WILL pay you IF you do the work! Thanks for an informative article Terri.

Bessie Sellers said...

Hello Terri,
Thanks for this educational post.