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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Residual Income - So YOU Think You Can Be Successful In Network Marketing (Part 2)

Hello to all of you who are reading this, and just in case this is your first time here, and if you missed part one of this series, then you certainly should read it by clicking here

Now I will tell YOU another reason that your success in network marketing will not happen for you. It's very important that you understand many people believe that it's a pyramid scheme and they believe that they have to sell to their friends and family. In actuality it is something that many of you have been doing all your life. You have been recommending and sharing products with people practically all your life. Network marketing allows you to be compensated for simply telling others. This is called word of mouth advertising and it is the best known way for people to make money legally, and have a home based business. In the process, you can help others do the same by sharing with them the opportunity to do the same thing. The thing I want to point out is this, your network marketing compensation plan must be able to pay the part time person on average volume of business. If it doesn't do this, then it is not a win-win and more then likely the company will not last especially if the company management do not know they need to fix this or don't care to do so. They have to put their distributors first. After all, it is the distributors that are making the money. So they should be thinking of them all the time. Does this makes sense to YOU? It should.

This is the truth and when you get this in your head and realize it, then YOU will be getting closer to having that coveted residual income that you desire. Now coming up on tomorrow I will be completing this series and giving you the final step that will seal your future and allow you to have total and complete freedom in your life.

Before I go I want to direct your attention to a FREE resource that I believe you MUST get, and read and reread it. Yes, it's that important because once you do, you will be putting yourself in the BEST possible position for success in network marketing.

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Terri Pattio
A Mentor with a servant's heart

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