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Friday, January 13, 2012

Business Mentoring - Be For Real In Your Everyday Business Dealings

It's the only way to be, because if you don't then you are putting everything pertaining to your business on the chopping block. Having integrity and being honest with people you come in contact with is the only way to be. If you choose to do otherwise then,

in time it'll ruin your reputation and your business will be gone because of NO integrity. You can't leave this out of the equation when doing business online and offline, because if you do then any success you might appear to be having will be temporary. This is a fact and a reality for you. Just be straight up and there will never be a need to resort to trying to run a game on people. Now check the link below and learn what happens if you choose to be deceitful, and why I say BS is a bargain (for the time being). But get this, it won't last and sooner than you think your time will run out.

Business Mentoring - BS Is A Bargain!

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Learn in the now"

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cachao said...

Hi, I totally agree that integrity is essential. Social proof is a problem until one has some sort of results. However, one can always refer to other people involved in ones business until that has been gained.

Mark Loveday