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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Everyone that was born on this earth, God has an assignment for you and he has taken very special care in laying out that plan. (It's custom designed just for YOU.)

But it's up to YOU to stay FOCUSED on his plan for your life. YOU can fulfill your dream God has for YOU.
YOU need a plan to keep you FOCUSED. If you fail to plan for your life, then you're just planning to fail. God has given your plan to you. It's up to you to do something to fulfill it because God is expecting you to do it, because he has laid it out. YOU need to stay focused and see his plan.

Here's an acronym on the word: F-O-C-U-S.

"F" stands for "fix the fence." Search inside yourself, identify your weakness and deal with them. Don't play around with temptation, things that will tempt and distract you.
YOU can JOIN a 30 day mental cleanse that will help you to fix your fence and stay focused.

"O" stands for "obituary." I want you to write what you want people to say when your life is over. This is YOUR DREAMS, Live Them and make them a REALITY.
This is your life mission statement.
JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse to help you write your dreams.

"C" is for "chopping it up into daily visions." Whatever you do daily, it's pointing to your future. Success doesn't just happen in your life. It's the result of daily disciplines that you do so you can fulfill the plan God is expecting of you.
JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse to become discipline.

"U" need to do what God is telling you to do. At the end of the day you will only answer to God, and you want to be accountable to him. So you will know that you are fulfilling your plan that he has laid out for YOU. Who does it benefit? Nobody but YOU!
JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse to fulfill your plan so YOU will have success. After all that's why God has laid his plan out for YOU in the first place. This is where YOU are supposed to be, reading this NOW!
So JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse, it's no accident that you are here. You're supposed to be here.

"S" stands for "start at the top again." Keep on doing the things you know to do. Don't stop doing whatever you did to get where you are at now. Daily disciplines that you never stop doing. That is what will make the difference. Start at the top and do it again.
JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse. It will make the difference in your life. This is where YOU start at the top again, but this time give yourself 30 days of getting rid of the chatter in your mind (the day to day stuff that's going on in your life right now), negativity in your life, turn off the TV and JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse. Your life is worth 30 days and more.

I'm glad I did that's why I'm writing this now to influence YOU, because I know what it has done for my life. It has change my whole life and the way I see things. Negativity is not part of my life anymore. This was part of my plan, and I am following God's plan to the letter.

So I invite YOU to JOIN me here to be the best you can be. This is God's best for YOU.

JOIN the 30 day mental cleanse NOW!
It's FREE to JOIN.

Please look at this video about the mental cleanse, it's not very long.
View the video by clicking here now.
Now you can go JOIN.

Terri Pattio

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Ms Irma said...

I agree with you Terry, the 30 day mental cleanse will help anyone stop the chatter in the mind. Then they will be able to hear that still small voice on the inside directing them to the plan for their lives.