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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Enjoy LIFE, Retire Early with a Residual Income in your Successful Homebased Business!

I know that's what you want and YOU can have all that and more. I'm going to tell you how it can all happen.
YOU MUST find the right Business Opportunity.


That in itself is crucial because if you don't, you're toast. So why not do it the right way. Take time and learn how to find the right opportunity, and when the right business opportunity comes knocking at your door. You will know it and you will be ready for it because you have taken the appropriate steps in doing it right.

Finding the right business for you means that it works for you in every way. Remember that residual income I mentioned - that is what you want? I know it! That's what everybody wants, to be able to enjoy life and travel, and still have money coming in (that's residual income).

That's awesome when you can do that. You've got it made in the shade.

When you have the skills and knowledge, you can find the right business opportunity and have a successful homebased business. My friend you didn't get here by accident, you are in the right place at the right time. You can get the skills you need and the knowledge when you join our team of professionals that will work with you, so you can succeed.

Be your own boss and have a secure future. THAT IS THE DREAM OF EVERY AMERICAN! Right?
I presume that you feel the same way too or you wouldn't be still reading. Well then if that's the case, then all I can say is click that link below and get started so YOU can retire and have that RESIDUAL INCOME so YOU can enjoy life!

Let's talk about Residual Income and just what it is. It's very simple and all it means is, while you're enjoying life, traveling, visiting with friends and family. Your money will not stop because you wanted to take a few weeks off to relax and smell the roses. Only a few people know what it is, and there's a lot that think they know. But in actuality they haven't got a clue. There are some that believe in multiple streams of income, that's not what you want. Learn more about multiple streams of income and why Residual Income is the way to go.

In order for you to be successful, you need a system that works! There's no other way, if you don't have it. KISS YOUR SUCCESS GOODBYE. That's what I can offer to you, a system that will generate targeted leads and you will have access to FREE training five days a week to learn how to follow up with prospects, so that they will want to join your business, all because you learned how to do it correctly for success. It's just that simple and easy.

Don't make it hard and complicated. It's not hard at all if you learn the system and follow it, it's proven to work and I CAN GUARANTEE YOU SUCCESS when YOU do!

YOU will Retire Early, Enjoy Life and have that Lifetime Residual Income.

Now if you've made it this far, then what I'm saying makes sense to you.
Now you are ready to take the next step which is to go ahead and
click that link above. Here's to a very successful life and I will see you at the TOP!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What are the 5 pillars for success?

This is what you need to have success in any network marketing company.

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Friday, April 3, 2009



Here's the definition of 'Mentor'
"A wise and trusted counselor or teacher."

Here's another way to put it.
"A mentor is defined as a wise and loyal advisor, teacher and coach; one person who is there during a crucial period and makes the difference between success or settling for less."

It is crucial that you have a mentor, someone that you can go to, that will guide you in the right direction, so that there will be no doubt that you are doing it right. Just listen to your mentor and do everything they say. The fact is YOU must be coachable, I know from personal experience, that is really hard to do, but YOU have to do it if YOU want to be successful in your home business.

Being a good follower will take you a long way, when it's time for you to be a good mentor/leader.

Another point I want to make here is, if this is your first time starting a home business, I can say with 100% accuracy that you probably don't know what YOU need to do. That's where I can help!

YOU can get all the help you need FREE, so YOU will be successful in your home business. As for right now all you need to do is go here now.

On the other hand, if you have done it before and you are not having any success at all. There is a reason why you're not having success. More than likely you need to get the SKILLS and TRAINING to be successful. Get it here FREE!

I know there might be some, that will say I was successful, but the ecomomy changed, or business is slow, or some weak lame excuse that will let them off the hook of why they're not successful. Whatever the reason, you are at the point of having to start all over again. Why?

I want YOU to think about this, very carefully.

Would YOU agree with me, that YOU must be EDUCATED about business, you NEED skills and training so YOU will learn everything YOU need to know about business. Instead of picking up bits and pieces, here and there, while trying to run your business.

It'll never work!

The end result will always be FAILURE AND FRUSTRATION. YOU will continue on this path if YOU don't learn everyting YOU need to know about starting a home business and being successful.

Of course there will be some that think they don't need help and they already know what to do. Well I have this to say to those, you go right ahead and keep spinning your wheels and failing forward.

You are not the one's I'm looking for. I'm looking for the one's that want help, and are willing to accept help. YOU can get the help YOU NEED FOR FREE.


All you have to do is go here and get it now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do YOU have DOUBTS about being successful?

Doubt is a killer.

ACTION is the remedy!

Here's one I use that my mentor shared with me and I keep it in my mind at all times.

"The Blessings of life can't live in a doubtful mind."

A mind doubtful of success connects with it's friends. The friends I'm talking about are, you know them because I'm sure you've had them before.

The doubting friends are: Fear, worry, anxiety.

A GOAL oriented mind don't have the doubting friends hanging around because all they will do is keep doubt in your mind and you will never have success.



The first thing you should do is start putting the right thoughts of BELIEF, POWER, CONVICTION and WINNING IN YOUR MIND.

Take action and download my FREE ebook so you can experience self respect, self confidence, and success in your life.

We have to overcome doubt by having faith, faith in yourself, faith in your abilities, faith in the path we walk each day and faith in a higher power. With faith, doubt cannot and should not exist!!

A doubtful mind can't receive the blessings of life. Turn your life around and master the circumstances and you will be the "cause" rather than the "effect."

I wrote this so that YOU will take ACTION and get rid of the doubt in your mind.

I started by saying that ACTION is the remedy, no matter how small of a step you make. This is so easy and YOU can do it, if you're still here reading this, then the action you should do now is download my FREE ebook and begin reading it immediately.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Greatness Starts by saying 'YES' to an Opportunity!

I know you're asking what do I mean by that?

I'm going to tell you what I mean. In your life everyday you will encounter a variety of opportunities during the course of the day. But will you know when the right business opportunity comes along.

This is an opportunity for you today, as you read below on how you can possess the power of the SIXTH SENSE, and what it can do for you.

Napoleon Hill says from Chapter 14 in Think and Grow Rich:
The starting point of all achievement is desire. The finishing
point is that brand of knowledge which leads to understanding- understanding of self, understanding of others, understanding of the laws of nature, recognition and understanding of happiness.

That is a powerful paragraph for me. I repeat it over and over again. I am happy to share it with you.

I am developing my mind through meditation to soar to a higher level of stimulation that will position me to transmute my desires into reality.
By developing my mind, I will possess the power to throw off discouragement, master fear, overcome procrastination and developing my sixth sense which will open wisdom to me at all times.

I feel stimulated just typing this and I feel greatness inside of me. That's what I call SUCCESS.

If you want to access the power of your SIXTH SENSE. You can join our mental cleanse group FREE. What you need to do is take a look at my other post and view the video below.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


In these trying times, with the economy the way it is. More and more people are looking for ways to make money online. Many people's mind is cluttered up with a lot of negativity that surrounds them.

Before you begin your journey on looking for a way to make money on the internet. There are a few things you need to do.

The first thing you need to do is, look at the video below.
This life changing video will make all the difference for YOU. Taking this one step now will move your life forward, and make you FOCUS more clearly and you will be able to OWN YOUR LIFE, when you do.

Now the second thing you must do. I highly recommend that you do it, after you look at the video. It is a must that you download the ebook "Success in 10 Steps" by Michael Dlouhy.

You will learn how to recognize a scam, so that you don't become a victum. After all you don't want to sink your money into some business opportunity and not get any return on your investment. That would be totally uncool! YOU want to make money, not lose money--right?

You will learn about the Policies and Procedures which is your contract between you and the company, it tells you all about them and what there intentions are in helping you to make money. Learn more about Policies and Procedures here.

Lastly, and the most important thing you will learn is about the 5 pillars for success in network marketing. Get more information about the 5 pillars that any network marketing company must have, in order for you to be successful.

In closing, I recommend that you download the ebook first, and then you SAVE YOURSELF FIRST and sign up for the 30 day mental cleanse.

YES! It's that important. Everything that I am telling you about is FREE and it's all there to help YOU!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping POSITIVE thoughts in your mind, is the KEY to your SUCCESS!!!

Is your life worth 30 days?

JOIN ME on the mental cleanse and own your life!

Here's my lesson on Chapter 12 from "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

Dear Michael,

By being on this 30 day mental cleanse we are engaged in trying to help shut off negatives which we encounter in our every day lives. To do that we must use auto suggestion to inject positive thoughts mixed with emotion and feeling in our mind so that our subconscious mind will act upon what it is we desire.

Every thought that gets into our conscious mind through our five senses is being recorded by the subconscious mind because it stores everything since we were born. If we see it, hear it, touch it, smell it or feel it then it will be recorded and can be called up anytime. It works day and night.

Making my positive emotions work for me by saying my self talk with feelings and emotions will influence the subconscious mind. The seven most powerful emotions are: DESIRE, FAITH, LOVE, SEX, ENTHUSIASM, ROMANCE, HOPE.

Hill says: Only emotionalized thoughts have any action influence upon the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the connecting link between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence. So why in the world should I even care about what's on the TV, it has no bearings on anything. I am concentrating all my efforts on keeping my subconscious mind connected with Infinite Intelligence. The way to do that is keeping the negative thoughts out of my mind, and keeping the positive thoughts of my desires in so that it will influence my subconscious mind to action.

I am seeing a change in me that I like and I know I am going in the right direction, and I will become the person I am supposed to be. Once that happens I know everything will fall into place.

This is my invitation to you, JOIN ME today and make the changes that's necessary so you can experience success forever. Take that step now so that you can own your life forever!

Join here now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bill Clinton....

....endorses Network Marketing and Direct Selling
Take a look and listen to this powerful message. If you're thinking about starting a home business then this should encourage you to make your dreams come true.

Friday, January 23, 2009


In the words of Mike Litman: He says "Do something to move forward."

I want to share this brilliant insight from my mentor. I'm not going to make this long. Just begin reading below.

A Habit That Pays Off.

I can’t tell you exactly how I started this or why.

I’ve just been doing this for years.

Probably close to 10 years.

“Mike, what are you talking about?”

Good question amigo.

This is a habit that, if you ‘live’, will pay huge rewards

for you.

You’ll grow in so many ways.



Your relationships.

And more.

Hold on.

Before we go forward.

Too many people are looking for the ‘homerun’ before the


Stop that. I’ve never seen it work for anybody.

Daily steps. Baby steps. Tiny steps. Good things will follow.

This leads me to the success habit I want to share with you


For years, I’ve done this.

Here it is.

***Never go to bed the same person you were when you woke up.

Let me say it again.

***Never go to bed the same person you were when you woke up.

It literally disgusts me to go to bed the same person I was

when I woke up.

I need to learn something.

Make a new mistake.

Create a new victory.

Read 5 pages in a book.

Do something that moves me forward.

We were born to grow. To develop.

If you’re serious about success, don’t let a day go by

without progress.

***Never go to bed the same person you were when you woke up.

If you grow 1% a day, where will you be in 30 days?

What about 1 year?

Imagine that progress.

Grow daily. Focus. Be active. Persevere.

Those are the types of seeds you want to be planting.

***Never go to bed the same person you were when you woke up.

That’s a success habit that will pay off for you in a big,

big way.

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,


As I say on each one of my post, if you like it then say so. Your comments and feedback is welcome. I read them all. Thanks and may god bless.

Monday, January 19, 2009


A very good friend pass this along to me and now I am passing it along for you to enjoy. The song says it all, listen to the music "Playing for change:Stand by me" and pass it along to everybody you know.


If you like what you saw here, then say so. Leave me your comments and thoughts.
Have a great day on this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Talk to you soon, be blessed today and everyday!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Is My Success Theme for 2009!

The New Year - 2009. Be 1% more active each day in your business. STOP talking about it and COMMIT to a year filled with activity and start getting results.

YOU have to accept this theme for success this year - 2009.

Everybody is guilty of talking about their goals, dreams, and desires. But until you take the steps and take the bull by the horn and take action. That's all it is. JUST TALK!

YOU don't have to get it right, YOU just have to get it get it going!

Words to live by, I do.

For example:
If you have an idea and you don't take any action. It will die! YOU have to make a decision and take action by planning what to do next. That way your idea has a chance of staying alive. Everyday that you take action on your idea, it gets stronger and stronger. You can't give up on your idea at the first sign of misfortune. As long as ativity is going on and you take the appropriate action, you are one step closer to success coming in your life.

Now that I've shared my insight about my success theme. I want to share this information with you from Mike Litman.

And now here's Mike:
In a rut.



I’ve been there. I can still get there if I don’t watch


We all can.

Over the last 8+ years, I’ve met and spoke to thousands of

individuals who wanted to start/grow their business and

improve their lives.

Tens of thousands.

The ones you succeed all have this one thing in common.

The ones who don’t succeed, don’t share this commonality.

“Mike, what is it?

Amigo, hold on one second.

I’ve decided on a success theme for 2009.

You can accept this theme as well.

2009 is all about ACTIVITY.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

Too many people are standing still.

Too much pondering, too little action.

Too much scatterness, too little focus.

Too much talk, too little results.

In 2009, commit to a year filled with activity.

Be 1% more active each day in your business.

Start at 1%.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

When you stand still too long, moving becomes real tough.

Very tough.

Every day, do at least 1 action that moves you forward.

What I love best about a lot of activity, is that I get to

make mistakes and learn what works.

You can do the same.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

2009 is about you being more active then you’ve ever been.

Are you in?

Are you ready to commit to a year filled with activity?

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,


I think that was really great. Now tell me, are you in with me on this.

Give me some feedback and let me know if you are going to accept

this as your theme for 2009.

Here's to your success.

Be a mentor with a servant's heart.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Set Your Goals smaller will bring greater momentum into your life.

This just in from one of my mentors. I thought this was right on and I wanted to share this with you.

Mike Litman is one of my mentors and I know he has a proven track record, because he is very successful. So much so he teaches people how to be successful. He is a very motivational person.

I want you to read his blog post and I hope this will help you in your quest to be financially free.

So without further ado, here is his blog post. Enjoy!!!

This is what Mike wrote:

Can’t stand it,

I can’t stand seeing people get hurt the way I did for a 7 year period.

I spent 7 years running around, circle after circle, procrastinating, inconsistent, and more.

You name the bad success habit. I did it.

I couldn’t quit, and after years of lack of focus, I finally saw the path.

A #1 best-selling book, helping hundreds of thousands of people, and a successful business has been result of finally ‘getting it’.

You can get it too.

If you don’t make this mistake.

“Mike, what mistake?”

Amigo, let’s go and I’ll tell you about it.

I got so pissed off 8 years ago that one day I just decided to do the opposite of everything I was doing in trying to build my business.

Instead of trying to make $10,000 a month, I tried making my 1st $1,000.

Instead of trying to make $5,000 a month, I tried making $500 a month.

Instead of trying to make $1,000 a month, I focused on making that 1st $100.

I made my goals smaller and I learned a very VALUABLE lesson.

***Every level of income demands a different you.

Let me say it again.

***Every level of income demands a different you.

I wasn’t yet the person to make $5,000+ a month.

Each level of income demands different habits and actions.

The key is to start, grow, persevere, and become MORE.

***Every level of income demands a different you.

Who do you need to be to make the MONEY and LIFE you desire?

Remember, you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Get going. Make your goals smaller and bring greater momentum into your life.

Celebrate your small victories.

You can DO IT. You can.

I believe in you. Now, believe in yourSELF.

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,


I love when he says "Every level of income demands a different you!!!"

Great stuff.

If you would like to see more from Mike Litman,

Just go here: Mike Litman's blog

While you here, take a look around and see all the ways I can help you with starting a home business.