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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Residual Income - (Part 3) So YOU Think You Can Be Successful In Network Marketing?

Today I will be talking about the MOST important thing you MUST do to have success in this business. But before I get to that, let me first direct those of you that are new here to check out Part 1 and 2 of this series. Click here to go there now.

Moving right along, this is very critical to your success, and it will be very enlightening for you. Hopefully it will make such an impact on you that it will move you to make a decision to change the outcome of your destiny. Here we go, please sit if you are not, you MUST realize that having the right mindset and getting rid of all the chatter, the negativity and all the bad programming from your past is the key to cleaning up your mind. Where did all this junk come from? I will tell you, it has built up over many, many years and it has affected your life in a way that you can't even imagine. Here's the point I'm making, YOU DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT!

And here's another point, YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!


What's the solution? YOU bet I will let you in on it. Mental Cleanse! It all starts with you getting rid of all that stuff that is in your subconscious mind that is hindering you from making progress and having success in your business.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Another thing, most people will say, this is a bunch of BS. It's not, because I was one of those people who said the same thing. The Mental Cleanse worked for me and it can do the same for you. I am laser focused and enjoying a successful home business because I made the correct decision and followed through until...

...because the mental cleanse is ongoing, YOU MUST stay on it. Why? So YOU can keep the negative chatter that is in this world out of your mind. You got to admit this to yourself, because it is a fact. The world is full of negativity and there will always be people that will try to suck you into their misery. What's that saying? "Misery Loves Company." Well I want no part of it. That's why I say my self talk constantly because I want only positive thoughts to be going into my subconscious mind. I want to share with you a video that will lead you in the right direction to go. This will be your guidance, and it will make everything much clearer to you. CLARITY is what you need to get FOCUSED on your goals, your desires and allow you to figure out your WHY.

Without your WHY, you are just coasting along, and accepting whatever life gives you. I know you want more than that. Everybody want's better. It's about freedom!

Freedom is different for everybody, and I will not go into that today. Perhaps I will on a future post.

Take a look at the video below now.

Now it is my sincere wish that you will do what it takes for you to change your destiny in life. The first step would be for you to check out the FREE ebook in the sidebar and when you are done reading, I will be waiting to hear from you via email with your WHY and this will be the beginning of a whole new destiny.

On that note, I will close this post today and say I appreciate and thank you for your time. Just know that I am here to help you any way I can. If you have been influenced by this post, then I do hope that you share it on Facebook, Twitter and bookmark it for others to read. Have a great day and I wish you peace and happiness for eternity.

Terri Pattio
A Mentor with a servant's heart


Cartoon Coach said...

Hello Terri,
We hear about negative programming by friends and family in traditional Network Marketing meetings. Ironically a lot of people are victims of negative programming by their own Network Marketing company and/or upline.


redapplelady said...

"Negativity" is a powerful trait, and people often underestimate the vital role it plays in keeping us from reaching our true potential.