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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Network Marketing - How To Approach People To Build Your Business


It doesn't work for the masses, and if I was a betting person I would win this one for sure.
Another thing about cold calling is, the person on the other end usually will hang up on you and there you are afraid to call someone else. You understand where I'm coming from and everybody can't do it.

There is a much easier way to build your business and all you need to do is learn how. Check out the link below:

Building Your Business The Simple Easy Way!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home Business Mentoring - Compensation Plans Must Be Fair So Everyone Can Make Money

There are many types of compensation plans in network marketing. YOU must take care and choose the one that is best for you.

If you pick one that requires you to constantly sponsor people into your business to get a check then there is no way possible for you to make residual income and retire.
Yes you will make money but it's only when you sponsor people in. There has to be retailing going on, there has to be a product that you can offer people to buy month after month which in turn will give you residual income.

Now I direct your attention to the video below, and I recommend you to check the link to learn more.

Home Business Mentoring - Your Business Opportunity MUST Be A Win Win For Everybody!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Business Mentoring - What To Do To Avoid Getting Scammed

There is a lot you can do, the first thing I recommend you do is click the link below and find out why you are getting scammed in network marketing.

It is so amazing to me that people can't figure this one out and they just keep doing the same thing over and over again. All that will end happening to you is, frustration will begin to set in and then you start telling yourself that you're a failure.

That is not the case, YOU are not a failure and you simply must go to the link below and learn the truth now.

Business Mentoring: What happens to YOU when you get ripped off?

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Learn in the now"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FREE MLM Training - Stop Jumping From Program To Program, YOU Will Never Have Residual Income Until YOU Stop It!

If YOU don't stop jumping from business to business then YOU will NEVER make money online. If YOU do make money, then odds are it will be such a small amount that it won't cover what you have spent on all these different businesses that you're promoting everyday.

YOU need to learn about the FIVE PILLARS For Success in network marketing.

I am always available to help you to learn ALL THE SKILLS YOU NEED for a successful home business.

I encourage you to click the link below to read and learn more about this very important subject.

Business Mentoring - YOU Will Never Have Residual Income Until YOU Stop Program Hopping

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Learn in the now"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Business Mentoring - Hustling The Right Way To Grow Your Business

We're all hustling for business, but if YOU are doing it the wrong way YOU will end up losing your business, and your reputation if you choose to keep operating in this manner.

There is a right way of hustling online and you will learn the right way by clicking the link below.

Home Business Mentoring - Are YOU An Online Hustler?

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Learn in the now"

Sunday, December 25, 2011

FREE MLM Training - YOU Abandoned Your Business, Why Did YOU Do That?

What do I mean by that? It's really very simple and I will elaborate a little on this. It's the people that believe in multiple streams of income and don't have a clue as to what this means.

What does it mean? It means that you will be spending more money than you are making. This is the truth, and I will let you know one more thing. When you keep joining program after program and no money is coming in, how is it that you expect to have residual income?

I highly recommended that you check the link below and learn in the now!

FR.EE MLM Training - Why Did YOU Do A Disappearing Act On Your Business?

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Learn in the now"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Network Marketing Mentoring - Forget About Cold Calling, It Doesn't Work

Stop cold calling people, it doesn't work and it will not build your business. The people who tell you to do this don't know it's wrong. All they know is someone told them to do it.

When someone tells you to do this, ask them "How's that working for you?" I will guarantee you that they will tell you it works. They are flat out lying to you. Click the link below and learn why you must not cold call people.

Network Marketing Mentoring - Learn IN The NOW!

Mentor with a servant's heart

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mentor - A Wise And Trusted Counselor Or Teacher

This is what you need for a successful home business. A network marketing teacher will give you the skills and training so that you will find the right business opportunity with a compensation plan that will allow you to have residual income.

My name is Terri Pattio, I am a mentor with a servant's heart and I encourage you to click the link below and read my purpose then contact me right away and let's get started.

My Purpose In Life Is to Be A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Business Mentoring - Don't KILL Your Business By Making Product Claims (Part 2)

It is highly recommended that you click the link below and learn what will happen when YOU do this. It means NO residual income and financial security. Your reputation will be tarnished and you will be starting over again.

I encourage YOU to get my FREE e-book located to the right, so that YOU will get the skills and training you need for a successful network marketing business.

Business Mentoring - Making Product Claims Will KILL Your Business (Part 2)

Mentor with a servant's heart

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Network Marketing Training - Why Do So Many Network Marketing Companies Fail?

This is critical that you know why, so that it won't happen to you. After all, you don't want to start to build your network marketing business and then on any given day it will be gone.

It happens to many, many people and it shouldn't and that is why I recommend that you click the link below and learn the truth now.

Residual Income is what YOU want so that you can retire some day and not be in a dead end job with no security.

Network Marketing Training - Have YOU Ever Wondered Why Some MLM Companies Fail?

Monday, December 19, 2011

FREE MLM Training - One Product Network Marketing Companies Will Flatline Your Business

I urge anyone that come to my blog to check the link below and learn the truth, so that you will have residual income and success in your home business.

After all that is what you want, right? So don't go through the failure and frustration, all YOU must do is take action now.

Network Marketing Training - The Pros And Cons Of One Product Network Marketing Companies.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homemade Eggnog - Creamy Eggnog (without the guilt)

Homemade Eggnog - Creamy Eggnog (without the guilt)

YOU can make this eggnog drink the whole year round. For those of you whose New Year resolution is to lose weight, I can't think of a better way to do it then to drink this delicious homemade creamy eggnog. It's healthy and tastes great when you add cinnamon to it.

Just click the link above and order your Appetizer Diet Vanilla diet shake now.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Targeted Traffic Worldwide

Targeted Traffic Worldwide: Over 90,000 visitors daily. Join FREE!

YOU will be getting targeted traffic 24/7 while you are sleeping, and this is what YOU need for a successful business. YOU will be branding your name, your business on the internet for FREE!

I will help you to get started and give you FREE Training as well.

Mentor with a servant's heart

Home Business Training

Home Business Training - Are YOU Ready For Your Success To Happen? Take Heed And Read This Now!

Your lack of SUCCE$$ is not your fault.

I can prove it to you. This I can promise YOU.

Just click the link above and learn why I say this.

Mentor with a servant's heart

Friday, December 16, 2011

Network Marketing Mentoring

Network Marketing Mentoring - Business Models Drive The Behavior In The Field

Does the income stop when you don't sponsor anyone in your business?

Then I highly recommend that you click the link above and learn the truth now!

Mentor with a servant's heart

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Viral Marketing - ReTweets Over And Over Again, That's What YOU Want On Twitter!

This means that you will be getting an extreme amount of exposure. In other words, the more followers you have the bigger your exposure(reach) will be. You want every one of your tweets to go viral and spread not only to your followers but to other people followers(OPF).

So what's the best way to do this, it's simple.

By having contagious content.
This is what people thrive on and using a few retweetable words and phrases that will trigger them to do what you want them to do. I will give you a list of some here:

1. you (is the most retweetable word)
2. Twitter
3. please
4. retweet
5. please retweet (this really works)
*Just try it and see. It's a call to action for your reader.
6. check this out
7. new blog post
8. how to
9. social media

The majority of retweets have links and they have nouns in them. Yes this is documented in a video I will present to you at the end of my post. This is just my interpretation of it, because on the video some of you might not understand the language that Dan Zarella is using. He really knows his stuff, and since I have been implementing these techniques already I can say for certain that they do work.

It is vital that you learn these principles and simple strategies so that your tweets will be retweeted and spread like wildfire. Viral marketing is power marketing, facts are facts and with sites like Twitter and Facebook it's the only way to go so that your marketing efforts online will be viral and become an epidemic that people will not stop talking about and sharing with their friends. They will never forget your tweeted message and it will continue to be retweeted over and over again.

This is viral marketing at it's finest and now without saying anything further, I will let you look at the video below now. Be sure that you have a full hour to dedicate to looking at it and have a pen and paper on hand because you will need it. Feel free to come back here and look at it again, and contact me with any questions about all of this.

Just leave a comment below and I will be reading it and replying if necessary.

The link below comes in a series of post, so be sure and read the other four post as they contain vital information to getting started with learning the viral marketing techniques.

RECOMMENDED READING: Viral Marketing - The Perfect Viral Campaign

Terri Pattio
Mentor with a servant's heart

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Residual Income - (Part 3) So YOU Think You Can Be Successful In Network Marketing?

Today I will be talking about the MOST important thing you MUST do to have success in this business. But before I get to that, let me first direct those of you that are new here to check out Part 1 and 2 of this series. Click here to go there now.

Moving right along, this is very critical to your success, and it will be very enlightening for you. Hopefully it will make such an impact on you that it will move you to make a decision to change the outcome of your destiny. Here we go, please sit if you are not, you MUST realize that having the right mindset and getting rid of all the chatter, the negativity and all the bad programming from your past is the key to cleaning up your mind. Where did all this junk come from? I will tell you, it has built up over many, many years and it has affected your life in a way that you can't even imagine. Here's the point I'm making, YOU DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT!

And here's another point, YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!


What's the solution? YOU bet I will let you in on it. Mental Cleanse! It all starts with you getting rid of all that stuff that is in your subconscious mind that is hindering you from making progress and having success in your business.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Another thing, most people will say, this is a bunch of BS. It's not, because I was one of those people who said the same thing. The Mental Cleanse worked for me and it can do the same for you. I am laser focused and enjoying a successful home business because I made the correct decision and followed through until...

...because the mental cleanse is ongoing, YOU MUST stay on it. Why? So YOU can keep the negative chatter that is in this world out of your mind. You got to admit this to yourself, because it is a fact. The world is full of negativity and there will always be people that will try to suck you into their misery. What's that saying? "Misery Loves Company." Well I want no part of it. That's why I say my self talk constantly because I want only positive thoughts to be going into my subconscious mind. I want to share with you a video that will lead you in the right direction to go. This will be your guidance, and it will make everything much clearer to you. CLARITY is what you need to get FOCUSED on your goals, your desires and allow you to figure out your WHY.

Without your WHY, you are just coasting along, and accepting whatever life gives you. I know you want more than that. Everybody want's better. It's about freedom!

Freedom is different for everybody, and I will not go into that today. Perhaps I will on a future post.

Take a look at the video below now.

Now it is my sincere wish that you will do what it takes for you to change your destiny in life. The first step would be for you to check out the FREE ebook in the sidebar and when you are done reading, I will be waiting to hear from you via email with your WHY and this will be the beginning of a whole new destiny.

On that note, I will close this post today and say I appreciate and thank you for your time. Just know that I am here to help you any way I can. If you have been influenced by this post, then I do hope that you share it on Facebook, Twitter and bookmark it for others to read. Have a great day and I wish you peace and happiness for eternity.

Terri Pattio
A Mentor with a servant's heart

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Residual Income - So YOU Think You Can Be Successful In Network Marketing (Part 2)

Hello to all of you who are reading this, and just in case this is your first time here, and if you missed part one of this series, then you certainly should read it by clicking here

Now I will tell YOU another reason that your success in network marketing will not happen for you. It's very important that you understand many people believe that it's a pyramid scheme and they believe that they have to sell to their friends and family. In actuality it is something that many of you have been doing all your life. You have been recommending and sharing products with people practically all your life. Network marketing allows you to be compensated for simply telling others. This is called word of mouth advertising and it is the best known way for people to make money legally, and have a home based business. In the process, you can help others do the same by sharing with them the opportunity to do the same thing. The thing I want to point out is this, your network marketing compensation plan must be able to pay the part time person on average volume of business. If it doesn't do this, then it is not a win-win and more then likely the company will not last especially if the company management do not know they need to fix this or don't care to do so. They have to put their distributors first. After all, it is the distributors that are making the money. So they should be thinking of them all the time. Does this makes sense to YOU? It should.

This is the truth and when you get this in your head and realize it, then YOU will be getting closer to having that coveted residual income that you desire. Now coming up on tomorrow I will be completing this series and giving you the final step that will seal your future and allow you to have total and complete freedom in your life.

Before I go I want to direct your attention to a FREE resource that I believe you MUST get, and read and reread it. Yes, it's that important because once you do, you will be putting yourself in the BEST possible position for success in network marketing.

So go ahead and click on the book in the sidebar, and get started reading it right away.
I thank you for visiting here again, and I look forward to any questions or comments that you might have because I read and answer them all. If you like this post, please share, tweet or bookmark it for future use and I appreciate you for being a faithful and loyal reader because without you who would I be writing this for. May peace and prosperity be yours.

Terri Pattio
A Mentor with a servant's heart

Monday, August 29, 2011

Residual Income - So YOU Think You Can Be Successful In Network Marketing?

So many people believe that they can do it without getting the skills or training that is needed. There is no doubt in my mind, without getting these essential skills and training, your success in network marketing will not happen for you. Just know this, that it might appear that you are successful but trust me on this, it is ONLY temporary!

Any success you are experiencing in network marketing will not last if your company is missing just one of the five pillars. At the end of this post I recommend that you get my free resource and learn about them, but here's what I want you to know now. It is CRITICAL to your success and the reason I know this to be true is because I have experienced not having success for a lot of years. It just wasn't happening for me until I joined a five pillars company. I speak with many, many people and they ALL want me to believe that they are successful. That's natural for a person to believe and have faith in what they are doing, and I applaud that. YOU got to believe and have faith in yourself. Without it, you're just wasting your time and effort because it just won't happen for you.

Now understand another thing, you are not alone if you have a team working together with you. Taking you by the hand step by step, and if you are coachable. YOU need to have an accountability partner, someone that will make sure you are doing the right things to make progress and move forward in your business.

Truth be told, out of everything I've seen on the internet, they all talk a good game and mislead you into believing that they will help you to build your downline (or your team), or they tell you about the spillover that you will be getting when you join them. What a crock! It's all hype to get you in their deal. All that will happen is, you'll end up quitting because of the frustrations and no money will be coming in. You will be spending more money and not receiving any back. How is that fair and win-win for all. Yet many people fall for this sort of scam. That's why I said in my title "So YOU think you can be successful in network marketing?" The whole problem is, YOU do think you can at first but how can you when you are been misled with false information, and then you want to blame yourself. You need truth and facts, include with that FREE skills and training for success in network marketing. I have all this in place for you and a team of professionals that will be more than happy to help you have residual income forever.

In tomorrow's post, I will be sharing with you another reason why your success will be short lived. This is very critical for your future in network marketing. I recommend that you return here, and read that post as well. As always I thank you my faithful and loyal readers, it is my intent to educate and give you value for your time. It is so precious and there is no reason to be wasting it on scams you see on the internet. Do it right the first time and there will be no need for anyone to waste time. If you like this post, then please share it with your friends on Facebook,Twitter or bookmark it for future reference. I appreciate it very much and thank you in advance.

I look forward to helping all those that contact me. Catch you later.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

MLM Compensation Plans - What Is The 10K Question?

Some of you may know about this questions, but If I was a betting person I would stand to make a nice fortune on those that don't know what it is. Okay the 10k question is this, when you are looking at a compensation plan this is a questions that you MUST ask yourself when you are crunching the numbers to find out how many active people you need in your network marketing company to make $10,000 a month. This is just an amount that is being used as a basis for your calculations, and it will tell you how much work will be involved in you having the desired income for your business. This amount can be whatever your desired goal is to make in your business. This is residual income for you from your business.

This is a fact that I know to be true, many people don't do the calculation part of it, they just believe the hype of what is being promoted to them. If a company is promoting that you just need to get three people and that's it, you will on easy street. That is not true at all, and you probably will not be in that very long because they won't be around to long either. Without a doubt this is why you must do your DO YOUR HOMEWORK and crunch those numbers of all compensation plans of any network marketing company that you are thinking about getting into.

Doing this one thing first will keep you from making a fatal mistake that will save you from being departed from your money. Your goal is to make money online!

This is just one thing that must be considered. There are FOUR more things that you need to know when looking for a good business opportunity. I will recommend that you check out my FREE e-book and everything that you need to know is in it. This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I stake my reputation on this.

Click here ==> FREE MLM Training

Friday, July 15, 2011

MLM Lead Generation - What To Do After YOU Get Your Leads?

First I will start off by saying this, any lead that is generated by you is TARGETED! What that means is, someone has expressed an interest in what you have to offer them. Now what comes next is to find out about your prospect and learn how you can help them. That's called developing your lead (i.e your new friend) and the hope is to find out if what you got can be a benefit for them. That's as far as it goes for now, what you are doing is getting to know them and building a rapport, and finding some common interest that can link you two together, so that you will be able to move forward and establish some kind of relationship.

Going through this process doesn't mean that all your leads will want to join you in business, some of my best friends are not in business with me. That's okay with me, but as your relationship continues to grow and times do change, they may ask me about my business and decide to join me in the future based on getting to know each other first. I like meeting and talking with new people, and that's who I am. Not all people are like me and that's why it takes time to develop that bond of friendship. Some people do not connect well when meeting someone for the first time. That's why it's best to take your time when trying to make a connection.

If you want to know how I meet new friends and get targeted leads for my business, then you can contact me at Facebook.

Click ==> Learn How I Get Targeted Prospects For My Business

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FREE MLM Training - You'll Never Be Able to Retire Working On That J.O.B.

That is the reality. Think about this statement. YOU got to know that you're living check to check, and the more you keep doing that you just get into a rut and get so disgusted with the outcome of how dismal your future is looking. Instead of it getting brighter, it's like you are drowning in hole of financial debt and it seems like you will never get out of it.

Sounds Familiar, I know it does to me because that was me a very long time ago. I am happy and proud to say that I am not that way anymore. I have my own successful home business and the reason why I do is because I was smart enough to know a good thing when I saw it.

The thing I saw that really changed my whole destiny in life was FREE, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful organization called Mentoring For FREE. The founder and creator wrote an e-book called "Success in 10 Steps" and let me tell you. Every word in is truthful information that you need to know. YOU need to get this e-book and read it so that you can kiss that JOB goodbye forever.

You can get it by clicking the link below.

FREE MLM Training and Business Mentoring

It is my wish that my story has inspired you to want to take charge and change your destiny so that you will have a very bright future filled happiness and prosperity.

May I direct your attention to the video below:

The two gentlemen you see are my mentors and let me tell you this, between the both of them there is over 60 years of experience and I am privy to have access to the knowledge that's inside their brains. YOU can have this same opportunity if you take this one step now and get the FREE e-book now!

That's it, now it's all up to you what you do. Your success is in your hand!
May God bless you abundantly each and everyday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

MLM Compensation Plans: Part 3 - I Saved the Best For Last!

First off I want to offer my sincerest apology for not getting this out to you as scheduled yesterday. But life happens and to make up for this happening, I will be offering you a FREE audio with an in depth training about Compensation plans. Moving right along to the business at hand.

I know you are going to love what I am about to share with you. How do I know this?
Because it's what YOU need for a successful business. What I am about to share with you will totally blow you away, that is if you are ready to accept it as truth.

I know that their are some that will not accept what they are about to get here.
But it is my hope that somewhere in their mind, they will remember this article.
If that is the case, they will remember me and they will return here.

Now before I get to the information that I have for you, If this is your first time to this blog then you should CLICK HERE and read ==> Part One and Part Two now.

What I will be talking about is The Stair Step Breakaway compensation plan.
The most important point I want to make is this, in a stair step break away you don't let your downline out build you! This is the oldest pay plan known to man, and in order for a pay plan to be legal you MUST be able to out build your sponsor. Are YOU understanding the reasoning behind this? If your company compensation plan does not allow you to be able to do this, and if a company is letting this happen then it's obvious that the company management do not understand compensation plans.

I want to illustrate how a stair step breakaway plan works.
Let's say it takes $500 to join your company, and your company pays $400 fast start money (this is what you call the front end money) it goes to the upline. Let's say that this person really gets busy and sponsors 10 people in that week. $400 times 10 equals $4,000 for the week. That's a very good pay day for the week . My question to you is, can any of those people he sponsored in do what they did? Not likely because people are not alike.

You may get a few people that sponsor 1,2, or maybe 3. Here's a fact worth noting, the average person will sponsor 2.5 people. So the odds are against them on doing what the super recruiter did. Not everybody can do it.

Understanding the Stair Step break away plan is very easy, and once you get it. You'll know why it's rarely used and only a few people will be successful with it.

Remember that $400 commission the company pays to the person at the top of the pay plan.

Let's say YOU get to:
Stair step 1 you will make $100 and your upline gets $300
Stair step 2 you will make $200 and your upline gets $200
Stair step 3 you will make $300 and your upline gets $100
Stair step 4 you will make $400 and now that you have reached your upline volume you break away from them.

You just stair step jumped over your upline.

At the beginning I stated that you don't let your downline out build you in a stair step break away because you will not get paid once they break away from YOU. Many people won't like this pay plan because you have to constantly keep sponsoring people, YOU will never be able to retire and have residual income.

Now I hope that you learned a lot from this article, and I am making available to you a FREE audio with additional information about compensation plans. I recommend that you listen to it your earliest convenience so that you will be successful in having a residual income that will pay you and your children, and their children for years to come. Build it once and build it BIG! The ONLY WAY TO DO THAT IS TO GET EDUCATED ABOUT COMPENSATION PLANS!

Download Your FREE audio training on Compensation Plans

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MLM Compensation Plans: Part 2 - An Explanation Of The Binary Compensation Plan!

I'm back with more information about compensation plans. First let me just say this, if you missed the first part of my post. YOU should definitely click here and read it now.

What I will be talking about today is, Binary compensation plans.

What is a binary? It's a pay plan that has two legs. All YOU need is to get two people to join you and get paid the bonus money. The thing is, in 2 to 3 years this type of plan will need some tweaking. If the company does not do this, then it starts to pay out to much money. If you're in a binary, the company will have to fix this, YOU GOT TO REALIZE THIS. Otherwise the company will not last.

What I'm seeing a lot of, is the so called check match, that is often associated with this type of plan. When the companies tell you, that they will pay you 50% on everyone you sponsor in. Where does the money come from? It has to come from some where. It comes from your strong leg, you don't get paid on your strong leg, it's the weak leg you get paid on.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:
Say you got 2,000 in volume on one leg, and then you have 1,500 in volume on your other leg. You will only get paid on the leg with 1,500 in volume (this is your weak leg).
Now let's just say that you sponsor someone in and they really get busy and start sponsoring people in and now the leg with 1,500 in volume increases to 3,000 in volume and the other leg is still at 2,000, now you will only be paid on the leg with 2,000 in volume (this is now your weak leg). You see how this works, this is called breakage, and who do you think pockets the money from that 3,000 in volume that was generated. The company does, that the breakage.

Now I know what you're probably wondering, what's the best pay plan? I will put it this way, any pay plan that pays the most amount of money on average volume. Pretty simple, huh!

It makes perfect sense doesn't it. When you've got a pay plan that does this, your retention will increase. Your distributors won't quit, and YOU will build a huge residual income.

Now on tomorrow, I will be talking about the stair step break away compensation plan. I invite you to come back here and learn about it.
Before I go, I want to share with you a very powerful FREE resource that will benefit you greatly in finding the right business.
Click here ==> MLM training resource guide.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MLM Compensation Plans - Finding One That Will Pay YOU Residual Income!

It's not a hard thing to do, YOU must take the time and crunch the numbers of the compensation plans.

By doing this, you will learn how many people you need to make your desired amount of residual income. Many people will join a company that requires you to constantly sponsor people in, and therefore it is impossible for you to retire. After all the goal of starting your home based business is to have freedom.

The word "FREEDOM" has a different meaning for some people. To some it can mean, being free from debt, and to others it can mean being able to travel when you get that urge. In either case, it is truly awesome when you have freedom.

I am seeing a lot of FORCED MATRIX compensation plans on the internet, and what the companies want people to believe is, they get in and that other people that come in will be forced in under them. How can that be, because everyone who joins is waiting on the matrix to work, and they do nothing but get their 2,3,or 4 people in. You see that's the thing here, no one is doing anything. It will not work if people stop sponsoring after they get 3 or 4 people in, or if a person can't sponsor anybody in. They become frustrated and quit altogether. It never will happen, because now YOU will have to replace that person who quit. Now just imagine if this happens to often. You see the problem you have. These types of plans calls for constant recruiting, and what that means is NO RESIDUAL INCOME!

They were told that people will be forced in under them. That's a BIG FAT LIE!
People fall for this one a lot, and it's really sad. There is work involved and every one has to do it. There is no such thing as something for nothing. These types of plans are being perpetrated all over the internet, and then they have the audacity to tell people. "It only cost $2.00 one time, and you will make $5,000 a month." Baloney! Who in their right would fall mind for this crap. Well I can tell you a lot of people are falling for it.

Don't get me wrong, there are people that like this sort of pay plan. But 85% of the population do not like to be constantly sponsoring. It's just not a win-win for all parties

There is help for you. YOU can learn how to evaluate MLM compensation plans, and many other skills for you to be successful in your home based business.

I encourage you to make a decision to be come educated about network marketing compensation plans, so that YOU will not become a statistic for scammers on the internet. These scammers are everywhere and they don't care about you at all. I highly recommend that you look at the video below and learn from my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy. He has well over 30 years experience in network marketing.

I know you picked up some great nuggets from it, now
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On tomorrow when you return I will be talking about the Binary compensation plans. I look forward to you coming back for this post. It will be an eye opener for you as well.